• Security Guards in Toronto

    Security guards

    As a Toronto security company, PIPM offers a wide range of security guard services and are dedicated to providing quality protection. We only hire security guards with high credentials and who have proven to possess exceptional skill. PIPM provides security services for: condominiums, malls, corporate events, movie shoots, as well as residential and commercial properties. Our security guards are here to make sure that our clients feel safe even when faced with alarming and threatening situations. Read More!

  • Security Guards in Toronto

    Private investigators

    As one of Toronto’s leading security companies, PIPM has a team of private investigators who are well equipped, knowledgeable and experienced. Above all, professionalism, discretion and respect are the key values of each of our investigators. We provide investigators for employee theft, compensation fraud, terminations, strikes and domestic investigations such as infidelity. Overall, our Toronto security company is here to help you uncover any mystery you desire to be explored. Read More!

  • Security Guards in Toronto


    Your safety is our number one priority and due to this our Toronto security company includes a highly trained bodyguards unit. Our bodyguard unit consists of professionals who have gone through an immense amount of training that has prepared them for all forms of dangerous situations. Each bodyguard possesses a minimum of 10 years of experience and is qualified to provide the best possible service protection and deterrence. Read More!


PIPM is a Toronto security company and is proud to be one of the top Toronto security companies. Provides close protection (bodyguard) and security guard servicessurveillance support and security training  to a wide range of clients.

Welcome to Precision Institute of Protective Measures (PIPM) a top Toronto security company and one of the leading customer orientated Toronto security companies.

Toronto security company

PIPM is a Toronto security company specializing in corporate and residential security services. Hence, take pride in creating an environment that feels safe, comfortable and professional for our clients. Due to this, PIPM employs only top professionals who possess a minimum of two years of security experience. Our professionals are prepared for any situation due to their rigorous and detail oriented training. In fact, PIPM is one of the top Toronto security companies that is rapidly growing each year. As a result, we have expanded from serving only a niche clientele to now providing services to a large variety of individuals and industries.

This Toronto security company is dedicated to providing great quality security services to the people of Toronto. For this reason, PIPM is known as one of Toronto’s best security companies and is constantly striving to provide the highest quality of services. Moreover, we have now expanded our services to include: bodyguards, security guards, private investigators, bug sweeps, secure transport escorts and premium security training courses. With all things considered, if you are looking for a top quality Toronto Security Company, PIPM is here for you and will provide the care that you need.

PIPM is a licensed and insured security company with the head office being located in Toronto Ontario. Moreover, as one of the best customer service orientated Toronto security companies, PIPM customizes our services to best fit our client’s needs. On the whole, we are devoted to providing the best quality protection in Toronto and maintain incredible relationships with our clients.

We provide the service that you deserve

Not many other Toronto security companies are willing to listen and work with their clients to address their needs in the same manner that we do. Moreover, while many other Toronto security companies subcontract the security training of their staff, we employ top security instructors. Hence, this ensures that people we have hand picked train all of the members of our staff and that the quality of the training is always at the top of its league. For this reason, each of our security consultants has a vast background in security, military, police and project management. Thus, when hiring our Toronto security company, you can be sure, that all security training and security consulting are performed by PIPM staff.

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PIPM Driver Security Training Exercises

Why hire private security?

Firstly, highly trained and experienced security professionals will minimize or even eliminate the risk of threat to a person or property. In addition, a licensed and insured security company provides the safety and protection that you need in case of a dangerous situation. Furthermore, they minimize liability for facilities, staff, and tenants. Finally, here are some other prime examples of why you should hire private security:

  • Personal threat
  • Labour disputes
  • Strikes
  • Shareholders meetings
  • Terminations
  • Corporate functions
  • Access control
  • Investigations and Surveillance (Domestic and Corporate)
  • Security solutions for every client
    If you hire PIPM you can be sure that all of your safety and security needs will be met with exceptional service. Read more


Toronto security companiesWelcome to Precision Institute of Protective Measures (PIPM), Toronto’s private security company. Learn why you should consider hiring our professional Security Guards. In fact, PIPM is considered one of the top licensed Toronto security companies. Overall, we provide you respect, professionalism, and the ultimate protection services.


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