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Awareness is crucial for your personal safety.

Private-InvestigatorsA Robbery every 45 sec, a violent crime every 20 sec, a rape every 5 min. We set a table of scenario of looking for our own personal security. Ways to increase personal and emotional safety. I ask you to consider looking at many different ways to for your personal safety. A potential attacker is most likely a repeat offender, these predators spend time in prison perfecting at what they do. They spend at least 8 hrs a day to practicing their craft. They have few general attributes:

Highly motivated

They look to be quick in their attack

They do not want to be around crowds or lights

They want to pick to easiest target possible.

Potential victims have also general characteristics:

We are not aware of the surroundings

We think it cannot happen to us

We are filled with fear at the moment it does happen.

Here are some tips for your personal safety:

Awareness – it’s the most important aspect of your personal safety. You need to be aware of the surrounding and what we’re doing. We need to live in the moment. Never stereotype anyone. You might think that potential attacker looks certain way. Potential attacker goes out of his or her way to look like everybody else. Carry yourself with your head up and be aware where you are what you’re doing and who’s around you. The personal attacker will look at you and see “NOT AN EASY TARGET” and most likely will walk away.

Attitude – of the person being attacked is usually filled with fear and surprise. You can to turn this around. When the attacker sees fear in your face it only fuels his aggression, however they have no idea whether you’re trained or not. TO turn that around you would adapt a fighting stance, instead of the look of fear. (One leg forward two hands up). The attacker might think this person know what they’re doing maybe I picked the wrong person and I should aboard the mission. On top of that you add a loud ‘Kia!’ will tell the attacker you chose the wrong person. You may also need to say something Things not say – please go away from me – too timid, Also get away from you low life – might raise the anger in the attacker. You may say “ Get away from me, don’t touch me” authoritative, strong voice shows you mean business!

Actions – things we MUST do if all else fails.

  • Call for a friend, attacker does not know if your friend is around the corner or not.
  • The other thing you want to yell is Fire – people always come out to see fire, sadly when you yell help often people run away.
  • Remember the potential attacker wants to be fast and does not want attention
  • Top two targets – eyes (strikes to the eyes are extremely painful) and might let you get away; the other is strike to the knees.
  • DO you have anything you can throw at the attacker – i.e. change into the eyes, bottle, purse, strike with keys to the face


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