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Often, it is difficult to find the best security company in a large city such as Toronto. PIPM is on the top of the list when searching for the best security guardsbodyguardsprivate investigators, and security training in Toronto. What’s more, we guarantee great customer service as well as many years of security, military and police experience.  We provide everything that you’re looking for in a quality security company and are dedicated to satisfying your security needs. Some of the clients we have served include The British Royal Family, celebrities attending the Toronto film festival, South American Diplomats, a European President, Bill Gates and his family, as well as the former chief defense minister of Canada. Moreover, unique security plans are devised for each of our clients to ensure that they are protected under all circumstances. 

PIPM provides security services for office buildings, condominiums, special events and other commercial properties. We also provide security advice and can devise a unique custom site directive for you or your company.

Here are some qualities that you should look for when finding the best security company in Toronto: 

  • More than 30 years of security experience
  • A wide variety of operatives with a range of skills.
  • Staff members who are alert, honest and possess common sense.
  • A company who always puts your needs first and delivers what they’ve promised as well as more. 
  • A company that internally trains all of their personnel. 

These are all qualities that PIPM takes great pride in possessing. Thus, if you are currently looking for a security guard company in Toronto, look no further than PIPM. We will work hard to guarantee the safety and protection of you or your company!

Find best security companies in Toronto 

Find best security companies in Toronto

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