Leading Security Training Organization in Toronto

One of the top Security Training Organization in Toronto

Leading Security Training OrganizationPIPM is a Leading Security Training Organization in Toronto. First of all, PIPM’s security instructors have trained security guards in nuclear facilities, other security companies and corporations. In addition, our internationally recognized instructors and consultants provide basic security training and specialized security training to our own security staff. Finally, our security instructors have become the number one industry choice for security training. They had dedicated themselves to protect other people’s lives and to pass on their knowledge so that others can do the same. A person must have special knowledge and many years of security experience in order to become a certified security instructor.

Finally, a list of some the basic security courses. Noteworthy, what every PIPM’s security guard completes to be certified as a full time security guard

  1.  40-hour basic security training course: Our security guard learns basic skills to succeed in security guard role, these include patrolling, emergency response procedures, fire safety, access control, bomb threat procedures, CCTV monitoring, flood emergency procedures, parking control procedures, arrest procedures, authorized or unauthorized move outs, use of force, report writing and Trespass to Property Act. (Mandatory)
  2. Collapsable Baton Training (Optional)
  3. Pressure Point Control Tactics (Optional)
  4. Defense Against Edged Weapons (Optional)
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