Secure Transports

Secure Transports and Security Escorts

Secure TransportsPIPM offers secure transports and security escorts. Our goal is to set the global standard for excellence in secure logistics. Toronto Security Company provides enhanced security solutions, which enables organizations to secure, manage, and track the cargo inside and outside of the country. If you or your company is looking to assist in delivering valuable cargo, PIPM will develop a security logistic plan to get your shipment to the desired destination safely and securely.

Security services for transportation companies

  • Secure Transport
  • Surveillance
  • Convoy
  • Distribution centres
  • Logistic Companies
  • Supply chain companies

Toronto Security Company recognizes the importance of:

  • objectives and actions to address risks at the earliest opportunity;
  • sharing advance timely information for cargo shipments
  • harmonizing targeting and risk assessment methodologies;
  • emergency preparedness
Emergency Preparedness

It is PIPM’s goal in emergency preparedness to work with our partners in industry to provide with the best possible security transportation services under any circumstances.

To find out more about our emergency preparedness and how it may involve you, we invite you to contact us at 416.704.3286 or e-mail us at

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