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Security for Termination of employee(s) by an employer.

Security services for employee termination in Toronto

Many companies hire professional security services for the purpose of termination of employee(s). These types of services help to prevent actions of recent events such as the Nanaimo sawmill shooting. “RCMP says a lone gunman, a 47-year-old former employee who was later arrested at the scene, entered the mill yard carrying a shotgun and started shooting in the parking lot.” Or of another recent incident where the “Police have identified the man accused of stabbing four employees at a North Toronto office building, saying he was in the process of being fired when he attacked his superiors.”

To prevent such incidents a company hires professional security to de-escalate the situation while the person is being terminated. The security professional (most of the time trained bodyguard) escorts the person off the premises in order to prevent any types of unwanted actions. In case of the North Toronto office stabbing “the two victims were believed to be the attacker’s superiors and were in the process of firing him when they were stabbed.” If a security team was present at the time of the employee termination, this type of action would most likely be prevented.

Some companies also keep the security team on for the following 2 to 4 weeks in order to prevent any types of threats to the company employees, management team as well as to the company’s property.

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