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Standards in Toronto security companies

Security Guard Report Writing – standards in Toronto security companies

standards in Toronto security companiesWhat are the standards for a proper security guard report among Toronto security companies? One of the most important aspects of being a security guard is writing an effective, useful security report. Security guard written documentation of the events that occurred during security guard’s shift will reflect both on the security guard as well as on the security company for which the security guard is working. The quality of the security report might have a significant impact on all parties involved long after the report has been written and filed. It is because of this reason that great care and detail must be taken in writing a security report.

Some people might ask why is the security report so important? The answers is quite simple; the quality of the written documentation is an integral part of our work which seperates the best security company from the rest. The security report may become the center of attention in matters concerning both criminal and civil litigations.

Who reads security reports :

  • Security supervisors – they will review security guards reports on a daily basis to review how they are doing their job
  • Risk Management Personnel – these individuals might review the security reports to indentify and rectify high risk security procedures / high risk security areas with regards to do process in helping to defend or protect from civil liability issues
  • Police – if police are going to assist security company and protect their client, they will need a detailed security report which identifies what the security guard did and said on any particular occasion. If the security report is not accurate or complete, the criminal might walk away on technicalities.
  • Insurance Companies – insurance companies might be interested in the report for the same reason the Risk Management Personnel are.
  • Lawyers
  • Administrators
  • Judge and Jury
  • Property managers

Complete security report containing all necessary information:

  • People
  • Actions
  • Descriptions
  • Identities
  • Statements
  • Environmental factors – weather, time of day and lighting

The security report must paint the complete and accurate picture of the security guard’s shift from the time they start to the time they finish.

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