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Security Guard Selection Process

Security Guard Selection Process

What is the security guard selection process ? We screen every candidate to ensure we get the right individual for the right job. First we go through many resumes, from those we select only the most qualified individuals. Second we invite the selected candidates for the first round of interviews where we follow our winning selection process. Security guard candidates are screened through series of interview questions, reference checks & criminal background checks. Finally they are checked through Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Once a potential security guard candidate is selected she or he has to complete PIPM’s basic security training. Upon completion of the security training, the security guard candidate has to pass the final test of which the score has to be 80% or higher. Once the security guard candidate passes the final test, s/he is hired on a 3 month probation period; if the evaluation after three months is satisfactory the individual is hired as a full time security guard at PIPM.

Rather then placing the newly hired security guard at the next available site or event, we place them where their security skills and interpersonal traits fit the situation the most. As a result we ensure our security guard’s career success. Furthermore optimizing our clients expectations to the fullest capacity.

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