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Best Executive Protection Companies in Ontario

Which executive protection company is the best in Ontario?

The Best Executive Protection Companies in Ontario: Safeguarding High-Profile Individuals with Excellence As the demand for executive protection services continues to rise in Ontario, it is crucial to identify the top companies that excel in providing comprehensive security solutions for high-profile individuals. This article aims to highlight the best executive protection companies in Ontario, taking

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Close Protection

What is the meaning of close protection?

The Meaning and Importance of Close Protection Close protection, also known as executive or personal security, is a specialized security service designed to ensure the safety, well-being, and privacy of individuals at a higher risk due to their profession, public status, or personal circumstances. Close protection professionals, commonly referred to as bodyguards or close protection officers

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Fraud Investigation in Insurance
Corporate Security

What is fraud investigation in insurance?

Understanding Fraud Investigation in Insurance Fraud investigation in insurance is a critical aspect of the industry aimed at identifying and addressing fraudulent activities committed by policyholders, claimants, or other parties involved in insurance transactions. Insurance fraud occurs when individuals or organizations intentionally deceive insurance companies to obtain financial benefits or advantages to which they are

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Insurance Fraud in Canada
Corporate Security

What is considered insurance fraud in Canada?

Insurance Fraud in Canada: Types, Consequences, and Prevention Insurance fraud is a significant issue that affects the insurance industry and policyholders alike. In Canada, fraudulent activities related to insurance can lead to substantial financial losses, increased premiums, and a loss of trust within the industry. It is important to understand what constitutes insurance fraud to

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Hire a Private Investigator

Is it worth it to hire a private investigator?

12 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator In today’s complex world, individuals and organizations often find themselves in situations where they require accurate information and investigative services. This is where the expertise of a private investigator comes into play. Private investigators are professionals trained in gathering evidence, conducting surveillance, and uncovering information that can be

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close protection

Is it worth doing close protection?

Is Close Protection Worth Pursuing? Exploring the Benefits and Considerations Close protection, also known as executive protection or personal security, is a specialized profession that involves providing comprehensive security services to individuals who may face potential threats or security challenges. It requires highly trained professionals, known as close protection officers (CPOs), who are responsible for

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All PIPM security staff are licensed by the Ministry of Correctional Services in Ontario & cleared by RCMP.

Security News

PIPM is a leading Toronto security company offering private investigator services all over Ontario. We offer private investigators that have proven to be skilled and experienced in their craft. What’s more, we take pride in knowing that the work that we do is professional and effective. Private Investigators can be useful for uncovering employee theft, compensation fraud, and terminations. Alternatively, we also offer retail and domestic investigations, as well as eavesdropping equipment that will help you uncover whatever information you need. Each PIPM private investigator is dedicated to keeping all matters 100% confidential. If you are looking for a Toronto security company that specializes in gathering information and evidence, then PIPM is an excellent candidate!

Employee Theft

If your business is suffering from employee theft the best solution is to install security cameras or hire a private investigator. Our private investigators often go undercover disguised as other employees from other businesses. They discover what is really going on behind closed doors. Considering this, they can uncover information on staff or theft that would otherwise go unnoticed. Additionally, you can install a covert camera that will help you gather the evidence that you need. Another option is you can hire a surveillance team, which is useful for more complex cases. Hiring a private investigator could be the best and most efficient way to uncover any thefts that you may be experiencing in your business.

Insurance Fraud:

Throughout the last decade, there have been many incidents of false claims made to government and insurance agencies. Moreover, this often results in organizations unjustly losing large sums of money. Our private investigators are the solution to this problem since they are highly trained investigators who can obtain valuable information for your company. They can find evidence in the form of reports, photos, and video obtained by surveillance cameras. Additionally, our Toronto security company can also provide you with a surveillance team if the problem you are facing is complex. By deciding to hire a private investigator you could be able to uncover whether someone is trying to cheat your company through filing a false claim.


Occasionally, situations arise when an employee becomes aggressive after being terminated from their position. This can often result in violent and hostile threats towards management. Our team of private investigators is well equipped to conduct surveillance in order to guarantee the safety of the targeted manager. We will protect each of our clients never compromising their safety.

Eaves Dropping Equipment:​

Currently, the business world is being heavily affected by the use of spying equipment. Consequently, many businesses have lost millions of dollars due to theft of their valuable information. This often involves employees eavesdropping and sharing classified information with other companies in order to climb the corporate ladder. 

PIPM offers leading experts who can conduct technical surveillance countermeasures audit. This involves doing a thorough physical and electronic sweep of your company’s residence or office. Additionally, we collect evidence by planting a bug in the suspected area. Above all, this will ensure that no one has installed any listening devices that could compromise your company’s unique ideas.

If you feel that you or your business is being compromised please follow precautionary measures. Firstly, call us from another location and not from a phone in the area of concern. Additionally, follow the link to learn more about our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services to be sure of what kind of action you want to take. Our private investigator team & technical team are here to help you uncover any suspicious behaviour that may be occurring inside your company. 


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