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Security Policies And Procedures

Experience, Professionalism and Dedication to Your Safety.

Our security consultants will help organizations develop effective corporate security policies and procedures that will stand up to regulatory and compliance audits. We will review company’s existing policies and procedures or create new one if needed. Our Security Consultants begin by developing a framework to ensure that all aspects of the business are covered, and apply the proper rigor in areas where issues that affect the well being of the overall company exist.

Our report will focus on:

  • Current review of Security Policies and Procedures
  • Prevention, Education and Enforcement
  • Responsibility
  • Definitions
  • Review and Reporting Requirements
  • Revised Policies and Procedures

Our audit provides a clear understanding of the security vulnerabilities, strengths, as well as duties and responsibilities for all participants to adhere to without exposing the organization, or incurring undue expense or effort.

Hiring Security In Toronto

PIPM is a Toronto security company specializing in corporate and residential security services. We take pride in creating an environment that feels safe, comfortable and professional for our clients. PIPM employs only top professionals who possess necessary security experience. Our professionals are prepared for any situation due to their rigorous and detail oriented training. PIPM is one of the top Toronto security companies that is rapidly growing each year. As a result, we have expanded from serving only a niche clientele to now providing services to a large variety of firms.

Who We Serve

PIPM with its extensive expertise provide customized security solutions to Government, Long Term Health Care Institutions, Media, Commercial & Residential Institutions, Advertising Agencies, Educational Institutions, and variety of Corporations across Canada. 

Who We Employ

PIPM employs former military, special forces, former police officers and individuals who are passionate about safety, security and well being of others. 

PIPM Toronto security company is dedicated to providing great quality security services to businesses and people who require protection services. For this reason, PIPM is known as one of Toronto’s best security companies and is constantly striving to provide the highest quality of services.

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