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Bug Sweeps – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services offered in Toronto. Our business partner has over 34 years of professional experience in providing Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services (bug sweeps). Together we provide services for individuals, business owners, non-profit organizations, corporations, government agencies, law enforcement and military entities across Canada and around the globe.

We offer Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services (bug sweeps) for residences, vehicles, marine vessels, corporate and charter aircraft, campaign vehicles, special events, business, corporate, government & crown corporations.

The services and expertise has made our team one of the most respected technical security service providers in Canada. A wide range of professional services includes identifying Technical Security Hazards and Technical Surveillance Devices, both hostile and friendly that significantly increase the risk of a technical compromise such as traffic analysis, audio eavesdropping, economic espionage and the general compromise of sensitive business and personal information resources.

The function of identifying and neutralizing technical compromise, including electronically assisted eavesdropping, surveillance and espionage activities, requires the implementation and coordination of a series of highly specialized professional services. Business organizations can operate with confidence when known and sometimes unknown risks are identified and corrective action is taken to minimize the possibility of a Technical Security Compromise.


We strongly recommend a combination of both scheduled and periodic technical security inspections when company or charter aircraft and personnel are traveling to and from potentially hostile regions or countries for business or government related business.

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echnical Surveillance Countermeasures categories include: Technical Security Consultation, Evaluation, and Threat Assessment. Technical Security Survey, Technical Security Review, and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Maintenance Inspection. Full Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Debugging) Inspection / Bug Sweep, RF Spectrum Monitor, and Specialized Services.

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Technical Service includes:

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Professional Consultation / Advice and Assistance in Understanding, Developing and Implementing an Effective Technical Security Program.
  • Real-Time Counter Surveillance Monitor during Significant Events such as during Labor Negotiations and Share Holder Meetings and Conferences.
  • In-Place Spectrum Monitor with Remote Monitoring and Spectrum Analysis including Off-Site RF Spectrum Interrogation and Analysis.
  • Full Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Inspection / Sweep Services including a Wide Range of Client Specific, Highly Focused Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and Counter-Intelligence Services.
  • Equipment Installation Review & Technical Security Verification.
  • Pre-Construction & Post Construction Review of Current or Proposed New Facilities, or those Under Construction.
  • Spectrum Monitoring Assignments Conducted in Support of Spectrum Surveillance, Utilization and Management.
  • Search and Rescue – Advanced Radio Direction Finding Assignments Relating to Emergency Locator Transmitters and other RF based Homing Beacons and other emitters.
  • RF Interference – Identification & Location Assignments to Identify and Locate Sources of RF Interference that might affect Authorized Communications.
  • Protective Operations – Support Relating to High Risk VIP / Executive Protection Related Assignments including Corporate Security Interests.
  • Hazardous Device (IED) – Identification & Support During Protective Assignments and Crisis Management Scenarios.
  • Educational Briefings Provided to the Client in Support of Technical Security Initiatives.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Electronic Bug Sweeps Toronto

Electronic Bug Sweeps Toronto – If you observe one (1) or more of the following compromise identifiers, then it may indicate the existence of an actual technical compromise.

  • Confidential information appears to have become common knowledge beyond mere or reasonably explained coincidence.
  • Others know about specific details of your personal and private business affairs.
  • You experience an unexplained break-in at your residence or business and nothing obvious appears to have been taken.
  • Door or window locks appear to have been tampered with or left vulnerable, suggesting covert entry may have occurred.
  • Interference has developed on your television (off air signals, not cable television).
  • A radio has started drifting off frequency or interference has recently developed.
  • Evidence suggests that ceiling tiles or panels have been removed in an office or boardroom setting.
  • Debris or dry-wall powder is observed on the floor or furniture indicating a possible technical compromise.
  • Wall plate covers for telephone, switches, and outlets appear to have been removed and replaced.
  • You notice unusual tones, sounds, or noise (static) on your telephone.
  • You notice changes in the volume or line quality when on the telephone.
  • You detect possible surveillance around your residence or place of business.
  • Information has come to light to suggest illegal electronic (eavesdropping) or monitoring of your personal or business communication may be occurring.

Due diligence is the best practice when you feel you are at risk of potential compromise and it is recommended that most business and corporate environments conduct periodic Technical Surveillance Countermeasures inspections on monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the perceived threat level encountered.

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