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Electronic Bug Sweeps Toronto

Electronic Bug Sweeps Toronto – If you observe one (1) or more of the following compromise identifiers, then it may indicate the existence of an actual technical compromise.

  • Confidential information appears to have become common knowledge beyond mere or reasonably explained coincidence.
  • Others know about specific details of your personal and private business affairs.
  • You experience an unexplained break-in at your residence or business and nothing obvious appears to have been taken.
  • Door or window locks appear to have been tampered with or left vulnerable, suggesting covert entry may have occurred.
  • Interference has developed on your television (off air signals, not cable television).
  • A radio has started drifting off frequency or interference has recently developed.
  • Evidence suggests that ceiling tiles or panels have been removed in an office or boardroom setting.
  • Debris or dry-wall powder is observed on the floor or furniture indicating a possible technical compromise.
  • Wall plate covers for telephone, switches, and outlets appear to have been removed and replaced.
  • You notice unusual tones, sounds, or noise (static) on your telephone.
  • You notice changes in the volume or line quality when on the telephone.
  • You detect possible surveillance around your residence or place of business.
  • Information has come to light to suggest illegal electronic (eavesdropping) or monitoring of your personal or business communication may be occurring.

Due diligence is the best practice when you feel you are at risk of potential compromise and it is recommended that most business and corporate environments conduct periodic Technical Surveillance Countermeasures inspections on monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the perceived threat level encountered.

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