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Top signs of infidelity

Top signs of infidelity

Top signs of infidelity – If you’re concerned that your partner is unfaithful while they exhibit some or all of the below listed signs, then chances are that you might be right.

Some of the more common signs of infidelity:

  • partner becomes emotionally distant
  • frequent & unexpected long working hours / business trips
  • more energy and zest for life
  • anger and control issues
  • extra flirtatious with opposite sex
  • unusual attachment to their phone and personal computer
  • unusual grooming patterns
  • spending excessive amounts of money on gifts or other unexplained items.

These are just some of the behavioral patterns to watch out when you suspect your partner is cheating on you. An experienced private investigator will record, follow and document activities of your partner, which then can be used in the court of law as evidence of infidelity.

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