Toronto Security Companies

Ontario has over 600 registered security companies. It seems like each security company offers different scope of security expertise. One company might specialize in security guard services, whereas other in private investigators or strike coverage. Furthermore another Toronto security company might focus on bodyguard or security training services. There are only a few Toronto security companies that offer a wide range of security services. At the same time they also provide high standard of service and expertise.

Most noteworthy, PIPM is one of those companies which offers great security service and customer service at the same time. Rather than going for volume we focus on quality of service. While some Toronto security companies hire poorly screened staff, we hire top security personnel which has many years of military, police or industry experience.

As a result the culture of hard work, precision and training is passed on to all PIPM employees. Our security guards, private investigators and bodyguards are trained and experienced in wide range of security issues. PIPM is one of the best Toronto Security Companies for its employees and its clients.

Hiring Toronto Security Companies

Hiring the right security company is often very stressful, however we make this process much easier. Our professional staff is there every step of the way to help you make the right decisions. Many Toronto security companies pressure you in order to make a sale. At PIPM we for the foremost care about your safety and personal comfort. There is no pressure sale techniques, we present you with different options and it your decision if you want to hire us or not. Finally, even though we might have some recommendations, we will address the most relevant issues of your security concerns. Our goal is to make sure you are safe and satisfied with the service received.

PIPM provides experienced and well trained security guards to Property Managers who struggle with safety and security of their properties. Resulting in decreased property damages and insurance claims as well as increased well being of their residence

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