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Bodyguard Services Toronto Unit

PIPM offers bodyguard services / executive protection services all over the world. Bodyguards are an indispensable element of the world of executives, millionaires, members of royal families and celebrities. To get to the elite group of security agents, you first have to go through a comprehensive training process. At the Precision Institute of Protective Measures in Toronto, we offer these special services to our clients from all of over the world.

What is the probability of risk, because let’s face it – in Toronto there was no event with the participation of security staff during which the fire would be exchanged. What counts above all is the experience and the fact that we invest in ourselves. PIPM unit Bodyguard Services Toronto hires and trains only the best candidates for the job.

Our Bodyguard Services Toronto unit trains bodyguards who will protect VIPs. There are courses for specialists, combining the protection of people with driving a car, for clients in places where they may be exposed to all type of attacks, we are guarding the safety of people working in Toronto as well as high-risk countries.

There are only few elite security companies which provide this type of service with such high standards. PIPM in Toronto, Canada, is one of the best companies of this type in the world.

Candidates wishing to take up training as an Close Protection Operative must be in excellent physical and mental condition. Recruitment takes place in various countries around the world.

How Do We Do It?

Our Bodyguard Services Toronto unit is experienced and continuously trains. We go to the gym, run, train in martial arts to keep fit. Someone who wants to be really good must also polish foreign languages. Many business people from Toronto now hire personal bodyguards for travel. The place of the meeting, often changes several times, must be checked beforehand and all security aspects planned accordingly.

Is It A Job Where You Have A Break?

If you want to do your job well, 8-10 hours a day is enough. Then the concentration decreases, that’s why we always work with our clients to make sure we understand their needs and have enough security personnel available to guarantee their safety.

What Else?

Checking the access roads, cars, and walking behind the VIP. You need to have eyes around your head. Many clients do not want to see that they have personal protection. The bodyguard must therefore stay at a suitable distance – not too close, not to be exposed, and not too far away, to intervene if necessary.

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