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PIPM offers the best security training courses in Toronto. We are the leading security training organization in Toronto where our experienced instructors are well recognized within the security industry. Top credentials, field experience and ability to clearly instruct are the reasons why even other security companies ask us to train their staff.
We provide security guard training, private investigator training, bodyguard training and other specialized security course

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PIPM Security 2019 Security Courses

Security Guard Basic Training Course

Security Guard basic training course course is a mandatory 40 hr security guard course. This is an introductory seminar covering general areas of security design for security guards.  This course teaches basic skills, which will allow your staff to be better informed and aware of their duties and responsibilities.  It also covers proper and professional personal conduct.

Duration:   40 hrs, Seminar Outline:

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Bodyguard Training In Toronto

Bodyguard training in Toronto was designed for individuals who wish to pursue their careers in private security industry. Due to the nature of this course there is a substantial demand on both the physical and mental attributes. Therefore any individual enrolling in the bodyguard course must be physically fit and able to deal with extreme levels of stress.

Bodyguard Training Program

  • Lecture on close protection giving a general overview
  • Threat assessment
  • Foot Drills
  • Strong side
  • Obstacles: Doorways, Elevators, and Stairwells
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Actions On: Anti Ambush, Weapon Attack, and Bombs/Grenade
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Security advance party
  • Counter ambush drills
  • Driving in a convoy
  • Embussing/debussing
  • Anti ambush drills
  • Route Recce
  • Routes to and from venue or destination
  • Alternate Routes
  • Escape Routes
  • Safe Houses
  • Searching and Securing Accommodations
  • Residence Security
  • Office Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Travel Abroad
  • Public Appearances and Short Duration Stays
  • Final Exercise

Please note that only selected individuals will be contacted for the bodyguard training course.

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Surveillance Training – Security Training Course

Surveillance Training course is designed mainly for future private investigators.

Duration:  5 days, Course Outline:

  • Lecture (provides general overview)
  • Foot surveillance- practical (one to multiple operatives)
  • Vehicle surveillance (single and multiple vehicles and operatives)
  • Communication procedures
  • Use of surveillance equipment e.g. Camera’s, Video recorders, pinhole cameras, Body packs, etc.
  • Report writing
  • Final exercis

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Retail Theft Prevention Seminar seminar dedicated for private investigator candidates. First of all, the seminar will assist your staff on how to limit shoplifting and what to look for. In addition, they will learn methods a shoplifter may use to remove items. Finally, your staff will also be advised how to properly handle this situation.  As a result, this intern will make them more alert and responsible.

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Bomb Threat Seminar – Security Training Course

Bomb Threat Seminar will introduce proper methods in dealing with a bomb threat. Security professionals will learn different ways of dealing with bomb threats.

  • Receipt of the bomb threat
  • Organization and control procedures
  • Search procedures
  • Bomb Recognition
  • Actions if a suspicious object is located
  • Evacuation procedures


Our organization can design policy and procedures for your establishment to deal with this procedure or review what you may already have in place.  This way your security guards or other security personnel or staff can calmly and effectively deal with the situation when it arises. Please also view our other security training courses.

One Day Specialty Courses

Pressure Point Control Tactics & Hand Cuffing

Pressure Point Control Tactics & Hand Cuffing training course offered by Toronto security company.

Duration: 2 days

The objective of this course is to learn and demonstrate basic control techniques

  • The security guard will learn against common resistance
  • The security guard will learn subject control to gain compliance with the least amount of injury to the subject with the officer’s safety in mind.
  • This course will reduce the need to use excessive force in controlling a subject thereby reducing liability.
  • Improve self-confidence to defend one self against an attack
  • The security guard will learn proper application of handcuffs and takedowns
  • Search and escort procedures.

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Collapsible Baton – Specialized Security Training Course

Toronto security company instructors teach Collapsible Baton course to qualified Security guard personnel. The collapsible baton course material includes:

  • Drawing the collapsible baton from its holder. Security guard will practise this excercise, so that s/he can utilize the baton quickly and effectively.
  • Use of Force Continuum
  • Various striking techniques to pressure points will be demonstrated and practiced.
  • Deflecting techniques
  • Pressure point and control techniques
  • Scenario training

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Defense Against Edged Weapons -Security Training Course

Defense against edged weapons course is specifically designed for security personnel in Greater Toronto Area. Edged weapons are becoming more common in assaults and it is imperative that a security guard can disarm the attacker efficiently and effectively.

  • Training involves a variety of weapons, so that an security personnel know how to protect themselves.
  • The six directions of attack
  • Unarmed defense against edged weapons attacks
  • Scenario Training.

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Personal Safety Seminar – Security Training Course

Personal Safety Seminar offered by PIPM a Toronto security company. This seminar is designed to make individuals aware of safety issues around the home and office, as well as, traveling. Safety tips in order to ensure that you are less likely of becoming a victim of crime.

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Personal Self Defense For Executives

Personal Self Defense course is for executives and corporate clients. Foremost, this self-defense course has been provided to many executives as a private class. This option is available for those individuals that require gaining their confidence back. Furthermore these individual will develop skills that may take years for them develop at a martial arts school. Finally, as a result this course is made to fit an individuals specific needs or circumstances.

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All PIPM security staff are licensed by the Ministry of Correctional Services in Ontario & cleared by RCMP.

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