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Safest Neighborhoods in Toronto for Families

The Safest Neighborhoods in Toronto for Families: A Must-Read Guide

One of the most important factors you’ll consider as a parent while choosing a place to live is the neighborhood’s safety. You want to ensure that your family is safe from threats like crime. But with so many communities to choose from, it could be challenging to know where to start.

With a comparatively low crime rate when compared to other large cities in North America, Toronto is usually regarded as a safe city. In contrast to New York City and Los Angeles, where there were 3,944 and 2,059 occurrences per 100,000 residents, respectively, Toronto had a crime rate of about 5,000 incidents per 100,000 residents in 2020. (Source: “Neighborhood Crime Statistics,” Toronto Police Service

In this post, we’ll look more closely at Toronto’s safest neighborhoods for families and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 


Factors to Consider When Evaluating the Safety of a Neighborhood

Consider a few important criteria when choosing a safe area for your family.

These consist of the following: 

Crime Rates: Crime rates are one of the easiest ways to tell how safe a community is. Find areas with low levels of property crime, violent crime, and overall crime.

Proximity to Schools, Hospitals, and Other Essential Services: The accessibility of necessities in the area should also be considered. Are there any reputable schools in the area? Do you have quick access to a hospital or medical facility? These are crucial factors for families to think about.

Toronto is home to many top-notch medical facilities, including the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto General Hospital, and the Hospital for Sick Children. Both Canadian and international healthcare organizations give these hospitals excellent marks. (Source: “Our Hospitals,” University Health Network) 

Availability of Parks and Recreational Areas: For families with young children, having access to parks, playgrounds, and other recreational areas can be a huge bonus. These areas offer a secure and enjoyable environment for children to play and a chance for parents to socialize with other local families. 

The enormous Toronto Island Park, High Park, and the Toronto Zoo are just a few of Toronto’s many parks and recreational spaces. These areas allow families to step outside and take in the city’s natural beauty. (Source: “Parks, Forestry and Recreation,” City of Toronto

Quality of the Local Police Department: The quality of the local police department can also significantly impact the overall safety of a neighborhood. Look for communities with a strong and active police presence and a good track record of solving crimes.


Methodology for Selecting the Safest Neighborhoods

We combined information from a variety of data sources, such as government statistics and reports from local authorities, to determine the safest areas in Toronto for families.

Then, to rank neighborhoods, we considered the following factors:

  • Low rates of crime
  • Proximity to important facilities, including hospitals, schools, and other services
  • Parks and leisure spaces are accessible.
  • The caliber of the neighborhood police force 

The East End, North York, and Midtown regions of Toronto typically have the city’s lowest crime rates, according to figures from the Toronto Police Service. These areas typically have higher median household incomes and educational levels. (Source: “Neighborhood Crime Statistics,” Toronto Police Service


Toronto’s Safest Neighborhoods for Families

Based on our analysis, the top 5 safest neighborhoods for families in Toronto are:


Leaside is a family-friendly hamlet in Toronto’s East End with a strong feeling of community. It is home to multiple top-notch schools, a hospital, and other crucial services. It also boasts a low crime rate. Families can enjoy the many parks and leisure spaces nearby.


Rosedale, a wealthy district in the center of Toronto, is distinguished for its tree-lined avenues and majestic residences. It is home to several well-regarded schools and has an extremely low crime rate. The neighborhood has many parks, recreational places, a hospital, and other necessary facilities. 

Forest Hill

Another safe and welcoming community is Forest Hill, which is situated in Toronto’s Midtown district. It is home to multiple top-notch schools, a hospital, and other crucial services. It also boasts a low crime rate. The neighborhood is home to a number of parks and recreation spaces.

The Beaches

The Beaches, situated along Lake Ontario’s eastern side, are a well-liked family community. It features a low crime rate, many top-notch schools, a hospital, and other crucial amenities inside its borders. Additionally, the area has several parks and recreational spaces. 

Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park, a wealthy community in Toronto’s North York district, is distinguished for its sizable, elegant residences and lovely parkland. It has a very low crime rate, and several well-regarded schools, a hospital, and other necessary services are all located there. The neighborhood is home to a number of parks and recreation spaces. 


Additional Things to Keep in Mind for Families

There are a few extra elements that families may wish to think about while selecting a neighborhood in Toronto:

Cost of Living: Keep in mind that some of Toronto’s safest communities also have a greater cost of living. For families with little resources, this may be an issue.

School Ratings: If you have children in school, you should choose an area with decent schools.

The Fraser Institute is a think tank that assesses Toronto’s public schools using several criteria, such as parent and student satisfaction ratings and test scores. Higher-rated schools are typically seen to offer a better overall educational experience. (Source: “Find a School,” Fraser Institute



With so many different neighborhoods to select from, Toronto is a fantastic city for families. The areas of Leaside, Rosedale, Forest Hill, The Beaches, and Lawrence Park are all fantastic choices if security is your primary priority. These communities feature many parks and recreational spaces, outstanding schools, and low crime rates. The ideal area for your family will, however, rely on several criteria, including your budget, lifestyle, and personal tastes. 


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