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Security Transport And Security Escorts​

PIPM offers security transport and security escorts. Our goal is to set the global standard for excellence in secure logistics. Toronto Security Company provides enhanced security solutions, which enables organizations to secure, manage, and track the cargo inside and outside of the country. If you or your company is looking to assist in delivering valuable cargo, PIPM will develop a security logistic plan to get your shipment to the desired destination safely and securely.

security transport

Security services for transportation companies

  • Secure Transport
  • Surveillance
  • Convoy
  • Distribution centres
  • Logistic Companies
  • Supply chain companies

Toronto Security Company recognizes the importance of:

  • objectives and actions to address risks at the earliest opportunity;
  • sharing advance timely information for cargo shipments
  • harmonizing targeting and risk assessment methodologies;
  • emergency preparedness
security transport Toronto

In addition to providing protection, a security escort may also have other important functions. They may serve as a liaison between the individuals or groups they are escorting and the transportation company, such as coordinating travel arrangements and handling any issues that may arise during the trip. They may also be responsible for coordinating with local law enforcement and other security personnel to ensure the safety of the individuals or groups they are escorting.

The Importance of Security Escorts for Transportation Companies

Transportation companies, such as airlines, bus lines, and shipping companies, may face security challenges due to the large number of people and assets they handle on a daily basis. In order to protect their passengers, employees, and assets, it is important for transportation companies to have a plan in place for providing security escorts.

A security escort is a trained professional who is responsible for providing protection and assistance to individuals or groups during transportation. They may be hired by the transportation company or by the individuals or groups who are being transported.

The primary role of a security escort is to ensure the safety and security of the individuals or groups they are assigned to protect. This can include providing close-quarters protection, such as standing guard outside a hotel room or accompanying passengers on a flight. It can also involve providing long-range protection, such as conducting surveillance and threat assessment to identify potential dangers.

Benefits to transportation companies hiring security escorts

There are several benefits to transportation companies hiring security escorts.

  • Security escorts can provide added protection and peace of mind to passengers and employees, which can help to improve customer satisfaction and employee morale.
  • Security escorts can help to prevent security incidents, such as theft or violence, which can save the transportation company money and protect their assets.
  • Security escorts can assist with emergency response and evacuation, which can help to prevent loss of life and reduce the transportation company’s liability in case of an incident.

In order to provide effective security escorts, transportation companies should work with reputable security companies that have experience and expertise in providing transportation security services. These security companies should have well-trained personnel, as well as the necessary equipment and resources to provide comprehensive security coverage.

Transportation companies should also have a plan in place for coordinating with security escorts and other security personnel. This can include establishing clear communication channels, such as radios or mobile devices, to ensure that everyone is informed and able to respond to any potential incidents. It can also involve providing security escorts with necessary information, such as the individuals or groups they are escorting, the itinerary, and any potential risks or concerns.

During the transport of valuable goods, such as precious metals, artwork, or jewelry, the goods may be at risk of theft or damage. In order to protect these valuable goods, it is important for the transportation company to have a plan in place for providing security.

Role of security company during security transport

The role of security during the security transport of valuable goods is to provide protection for the goods and ensure their safe transport. By using their training and expertise, security personnel can help to prevent threats and provide peace of mind to the transportation company and the owners of the valuable goods.

One security risk during the security transport of valuable goods is the risk of theft. Valuable goods can be a tempting target for thieves, who may attempt to steal the goods during security transport or at the destination. This can result in significant financial loss for the owners of the valuable goods, as well as damage to the transportation company’s reputation.

Another security risk during the security transport of valuable goods is the risk of damage. Valuable goods are often delicate and can be easily damaged if not handled properly. This can include physical damage, such as scratches or dents, as well as environmental damage, such as exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture.

To address these security risks, it is important for the transportation company to have a plan in place for providing security during the transport of valuable goods. This can include hiring security guards to monitor the transport and provide protection for the valuable goods, as well as implementing security measures, such as surveillance cameras and alarms, to prevent theft or damage.

Providing security escorts is an important aspect of ensuring the safety and security of passengers and assets for transportation companies. By working with reputable security companies and having a plan in place, transportation companies can help to protect their passengers, employees, and assets, and provide a safer and more secure transportation experience.

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Security Services Offered By Toronto Security Company

Our motto is to be proactive, not just reactive,
Security experience, hard work, due diligence every time we deal with any type of security related situation. Our approach that open line of communication is the best way to solve great deals of problems. Finally a believe that we can offer the best possible security services in Toronto to all of our clients makes us an ideal Toronto security company you should always consider hiring.

Toronto Bodyguard Unit

If you’re looking to hire a bodyguard in Toronto, PIPM offers discreet service to corporate and private clients all across Canada.

PIPM’s Toronto Bodyguard Unit / Executive Protection Unit offers full range of executive protection services. Our bodyguards have minimum 10 years of experience, go through rigours bodyguard training and are hand-picked for each assignment.  All of our bodyguards have previous military, police or intense security background. To choose the right team of bodyguards or the right bodyguard is not a simple task, that’s why experience and training is such an integral part of PIPM’s selection process. We only hire the best, provide the right training and therefore offer top service to our exclusive clients.

Our  team of bodyguards had provided close protection for celebrities attending Toronto Film Festival, prominent Toronto business executives, South American diplomats, a European President, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, The former Chief Defence Minister of Canada and functions attended by members of the British Royal Family as well as Head of State.

Bodyguard Services Toronto / Executive Protection Unit
Members of our team were also involved in training of the Rapid Deployment Team (which was the only private tactical team responsible for national security of the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant). We also provided close protection to the most prominent business executives, ministers and economical influencers during the Bilderberg Conference. PIPM executive protection unit lead the consulting and managing of the security for the Ontario Government for a number of their events and Conferences. Our company provides tailored bodyguard service for all of your local, national or international needs.

Our Security Drivers are trained in security awareness and personal protections for all of your family and your company needs. We’ve been part of many motorcades including diplomats and head of states. Positioning security and safety first we will plan your routs, escape and survival techniques and first aid administration.

Some legal restrictions may apply depending on the region/country, Call 416.704.3286 or Email to receive more information.

In addition to their previous experiences and training which included firearms training, close protection, security driving courses, kidnap and ransom exercises and other very specialized military and police force training – our bodyguards go through rigorous training techniques in order to keep their skills up to date and ‘fresh.

Shareholders Meetings Toronto & GTA:

A shareholder meeting is an annual event in which a company makes public its financial performance over the past fiscal year.

Therefore, depending on whether the shareholders have had good or bad news will probably determine the atmosphere of the meeting. This is the one time in the year that all your key people are in the same place at the same time. Furthermore this type of information is public knowledge. It therefore very important that you protect these individuals from problems that which may arise:

  1. Unruly behaviour/person required to leave the microphone.
  2. Swearing, bad/foul language, threatening
  3. Attempted assault on principal (CEO)
  4. Venue may need to be cleared due to emergencies such as fire alarm, power failure, bomb threats, etc.

The Executives are at risk from unwanted attention from any one of the following groups:

Disgruntled employees
Terminated employees
Disgruntled shareholders
Union concerns
Publicity seekers
General trouble makers
The media
With his/her presence our bodyguard will facilitate the smooth running of the meeting. As a result, ensuring that it is maintained free from external forces. Security will obtain a low, unobtrusive presence and in a position to react swiftly to any given situation

Terminations & Security:​
Many times there are situations that arise while terminating an employee. Some terminated employees react in a violent or threatening manner. As a result, our bodyguards position themselves outside the room where the termination is taking place. If things get out of control, our Close Protection Operative / Bodyguard will intervene and escort that individual off site.Secure Transports

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