Bodyguard Training Program

Bodyguard Training program in Toronto

Bodyguard Course in Toronto

Bodyguard training in Toronto was designed for individuals who wish to pursue their careers in private security industry. Due to the nature of this course there is a substantial demand on both the physical and mental attributes.  Therefore any individual enrolling in the bodyguard course must be physically fit and able to deal with extreme levels of stress.

Bodyguard Training Program

  • Lecture on close protection giving a general overview
  • Threat assessment
  • Foot Drills
  • Strong side
  • Obstacles: Doorways, Elevators, and Stairwells
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Actions On: Anti Ambush, Weapon Attack, and Bombs/Grenade
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Security advance party
  • Counter ambush drills
  • Driving in a convoy
  • Embussing/debussing
  • Anti ambush drills
  • Route Recce
  • Routes to and from venue or destination
  • Alternate Routes
  • Escape Routes
  • Safe Houses
  • Searching and Securing Accommodations
  • Residence Security
  • Office Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Travel Abroad
  • Public Appearances and Short Duration Stays
  • Final Exercise
Close Protection training
Close Protection training

Please note that only selected individuals will be contacted for the bodyguard training course.

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