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Bodyguard Training Program

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Bodyguard Course In Toronto

Bodyguard training is a specialized form of training that is designed to prepare individuals to serve as professional bodyguards. Bodyguards are responsible for the safety and security of their clients, and they must be prepared to handle a wide range of potential threats and hazards. In order to effectively protect their clients, bodyguards must undergo rigorous training that covers a wide range of skills and techniques.

Bodyguard Training Program

Key components of Bodyguard Training

There are several key components of bodyguard training:

  1. Physical training: Physical training is an essential part of bodyguard training. Bodyguards must be in excellent physical condition in order to be able to effectively protect their clients. Physical training may include exercises to improve cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility, as well as training in self-defense techniques.

  2. Tactical training: Tactical training is another important component of bodyguard training. This training covers the specific tactics and strategies that bodyguards may need to use in order to protect their clients. Tactical training may include training on how to evacuate a building, how to respond to various types of emergencies, and how to handle difficult or confrontational individuals.

  3. Protective driving: Protective driving is a specialized form of driving that is designed to protect the bodyguard’s client from potential threats. Bodyguards must be trained in defensive driving techniques, as well as how to maneuver a vehicle in order to evade potential threats.

  4. Protective intelligence: Bodyguards must also be trained in protective intelligence, which involves gathering and analyzing information about potential threats to their clients. This may include conducting threat assessments, researching potential threats, and gathering intelligence from other sources.

  5. Customer service skills: In addition to their security-related skills, bodyguards must also possess strong customer service skills. This can help to ensure that they are able to effectively interact with their clients and build trust and credibility with these individuals.

In order to become a professional bodyguard, individuals must typically complete a specific set of courses and pass a certification exam.

In conclusion, bodyguard training is a specialized form of training that is designed to prepare individuals to serve as professional bodyguards. Bodyguard training covers a wide range of skills and techniques, including physical training, tactical training, protective driving, weapons training, protective intelligence, and customer service skills. By undergoing bodyguard training, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills they need to effectively protect their clients from potential threats and hazards.

Bodyguard training in Toronto was designed for individuals who wish to pursue their careers in private security industry. Due to the nature of this course there is a substantial demand on both the physical and mental attributes.  Therefore any individual enrolling in the bodyguard course must be physically fit and able to deal with extreme levels of stress.

Bodyguard Training Program

  • Lecture on close protection giving a general overview
  • Threat assessment
  • Foot Drills
  • Strong side
  • Obstacles: Doorways, Elevators, and Stairwells
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Actions On: Anti Ambush, Weapon Attack, and Bombs/Grenade
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Security advance party
  • Counter ambush drills
  • Driving in a convoy
  • Embussing/debussing
  • Anti ambush drills
  • Route Recce
  • Routes to and from venue or destination
  • Alternate Routes
  • Escape Routes
  • Safe Houses
  • Searching and Securing Accommodations
  • Residence Security
  • Office Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Travel Abroad
  • Public Appearances and Short Duration Stays
  • Final Exercise

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Who We Employ

PIPM employs former military, special forces, former police officers and individuals who are passionate about safety, security and well being of others. 

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