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Toronto Bodyguard Unit

If you’re looking to hire a bodyguard in Toronto, PIPM offers discreet service to corporate and private clients all across Canada.

PIPM’s Toronto Bodyguard Unit / Executive Protection Unit offers full range of executive protection services. Our bodyguards have minimum 10 years of experience, go through rigours bodyguard training and are hand-picked for each assignment.  All of our bodyguards have previous military, police or intense security background. To choose the right team of bodyguards or the right bodyguard is not a simple task, that’s why experience and training is such an integral part of PIPM’s selection process. We only hire the best, provide the right training and therefore offer top service to our exclusive clients.

Our  team of bodyguards had provided close protection for celebrities attending Toronto Film Festival, prominent Toronto business executives, South American diplomats, a European President, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, The former Chief Defence Minister of Canada and functions attended by members of the British Royal Family as well as Head of State.

"Exceptional Service!, Very professional approach. You've exceed my expectations with your professionalism and experience. Thank you and I would really recommend you to anyone who needs close protection services!"
Mark C

Our Bodyguard Services

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Bodyguard Services Toronto / Executive Protection Unit

Members of our team were also involved in training of the Rapid Deployment Team  (which was the only private tactical team responsible for national security of the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant). We also provided close protection to the most prominent business executives, ministers and economical influencers during the Bilderberg Conference. PIPM executive protection unit lead the consulting and managing of the security for the Ontario Government for a number of their events and Conferences. Our company provides tailored bodyguard service for all of your local, national or international needs.

Our Security Drivers are trained in security awareness and personal protections for all of your family and your company needs. We’ve been part of many motorcades including diplomats and head of states. Positioning security and safety first we will plan your routs, escape and survival techniques and first aid administration.  

Some legal restrictions may apply depending on the region/country, Call 416.704.3286 or  Email to receive more information.

In addition to their previous experiences and training which included firearms training, close protection, security driving courses, kidnap and ransom exercises and other very specialized military and police force training – our bodyguards go through rigorous training techniques in order to keep their skills up to date and ‘fresh’.

Personal Security

Bodyguards / Executive Protection

& Confidentiality Guaranteed. Personal bodyguards tailored to each individual client for both permanent contracts and day requirements. We also offer professional Security Drivers who are trained in defensive and offensive driving techniques.

International Services

Personal / Executive Protection Travel

We will travel with you & take care of your safety for your upcoming trip. Our Executive Protection Team will be looking after all operational planning, communications and facilitating all of your requirements . We ensure the service you receive is to the highest possible standard.

Response Time​

Immediate Action Plan for All Your Needs

Our Close Protection unit operates 24/7 365 days/year. PIPM has one of the fastest response times in the Canadian security industry. You can call us at anytime and we will put in place the best team to suite your needs. Your safety is never compromised!

Residential Security

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Why hire Executive Protection / Bodyguard

The essence of close protection is to detect, deter and react. The nature of the threat may be criminal, or political.  It may also involve discontented employees, people with mental disorders, labour disputes, dissolved partnerships, or people constantly in the public eye such as celebrities. The threat may include the following:

  1. Assassination
  2. Kidnap/hostage
  3. Extortion
  4. Assault
  5. Medical Accidents
  6. Embarrassment

Our Close Protection Specialists will professionally plan and take the appropriate measures to ensure your personal safety. To hire bodyguard in Toronto call 416.704.3286 or email us

Shareholders Meetings Toronto & GTA:

A shareholder meeting is an annual event in which a company makes public its financial performance over the past fiscal year.

Therefore, depending on whether the shareholders have had good or bad news will probably determine the atmosphere of the meeting. This is the one time in the year that all your key people are in the same place at the same time. Furthermore this type of information is public knowledge. It therefore very important that you protect these individuals from problems that which may arise:

  1. Unruly behaviour/person required to leave the microphone.
  2. Swearing, bad/foul language, threatening
  3. Attempted assault on principal (CEO)
  4. Venue may need to be cleared due to emergencies such as fire alarm, power failure, bomb threats, etc.

The Executives are at risk from unwanted attention from any one of the following groups:

  1. Disgruntled employees
  2. Terminated employees
  3. Disgruntled shareholders
  4. Union concerns
  5. Publicity seekers
  6. General trouble makers
  7. The media 

With his/her presence our bodyguard will facilitate the smooth running of the meeting. As a result, ensuring that it is maintained free from external forces. Security will obtain a low, unobtrusive presence and in a position to react swiftly to any given situation

Terminations & Security:​

Many times there are situations that arise while terminating an employee. Some terminated employees react in a violent or threatening manner. As a result, our bodyguards position themselves outside the room where the termination is taking place. If things get out of control, our Close Protection Operative / Bodyguard will intervene and escort that individual off site.

Corporate Functions GTA: ​

PIPM provides highly trained bodyguards to keep out all uninvited individuals. Most of all they look out for the safety of you, your staff, colleagues and your guests. To hire bodyguard in Toronto or find out more about Corporate Security call or email us.

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